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Airbus A380 British Airways Limited Edition Large Mahogany Model

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As a name, A380 just doesn't serve this Airbus Jumbo Jet very well. After all, it's the biggest passenger plane in existence, a double-decker, four-engine aircraft capable of transporting more than 800 humans. It makes the Boeing 747 look like hors d'oeuvres. Each A380 costs $445 million, making it the most expensive plane in existence, also. British Airways owns a dozen of these behemoth, leviathan, monster, goliath airplanes.

This handcrafted 1/165-scale A380 model features a clean white fuselage, highlighted by a red and blue ribbon and graceful detailing on its tail. With a 19-inch wingspan and measuring 17.5 inches from nose to tail, this beautiful British Airways A380 Mahogany Model is a welcome gift and a great addition to your collection!

  • Limited Edition: 100 Pieces in Collection
  • Material: Mahogany Wood
  • 18.25 Inch Wingspan
  • 17.5 Inch Length

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