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Bell® X-1 Large Mahogany Model

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The rocket-powered Bell X-1 established its place in aviation history by being the first aircraft to exceed the speed of sound, or Mach 1, in level flight. Six of the aircraft were built, but our model represents the "Glamourous Glennis," named for Pilot Chuck Yeager's wife. It was this aircraft that Yeager first piloted to supersonic speed, on October 14, 1947. Not only did it achieve the speed milestone, but the aircraft was the first of a series of more than 50 experimental "X-planes." Interesting fact: The original Glamorous Glennis is now on display at the National Air and Space Museum.

This exquisite Bell X-1 Mahogany Model is handcrafted by our master craftsmen from the finest Mahogany Wood. Attention is given to every detail, resulting in unsurpassed quality. Models come complete with a detachable wood display stand. The model will be delivered to your door securely in a foam fitted shipping box. These models make a great gift for any aviation enthusiast, veteran or history buff alike.

  • Limited Edition: 100 Pieces in Collection
  • 17 Inch Wingspan
  • 20 Inch Length
  • Material: Mahogany Wood

Bell® emblems, logos, and body designs are trademarks of Textron Innovations Inc. and are used under license by Inc.

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